What Are the Real Benefits of Antioxidants?

Anti-aging Supplements and Their Fight against Free RadicalsMany have questions as to the real benefits of the various antioxidant vitamins on the market today. In fact, many believe that the promises they make are just short of being scams. Nonetheless, you will find out that their benefits are a reality as long as you get your vitamins in sufficient dosages.

The Questions

The questions in people’s minds are many however they all boil down to answering the basic question and this is if antioxidants really do the job. There are offshoots to these questions such as if they prevent or cure diseases and if supplements are dangerous if taken in excessive amounts.

The answer to these question is dependent upon who is making the claims and if they are credible or not. There are studies out there that give every indication of the effectiveness of vitamin supplements whereas there are others that show no benefits at all. It can be confusing for the average person.

The Assertions

In general there is agreement that the number of free radicals in the body is reduced when antioxidants are taken regularly. Free radicals are those unstable molecules that have unpaired electrons and seek to pair with the electron of a stable molecule. One of the results of this is the alteration of a cell’s DNA.

Some assert that this alteration of DNA is what causes cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, skin aging, and other disorders that are the result of oxidation. On the other hand there are those who disagree that free radicals lead to these disorders and consequently they have skepticism as to the benefits of antioxidants.

An Interesting Observation

A microbiologist by the name of Dr. Myron Wentz made an observation once about the effectiveness of antioxidants in the form of vitamins and minerals. In 1972, he founded Gull Laboratories and is famous for developing a test for the Epstein-Barr virus, a variation of the herpes virus that is linked to certain types of cancer. He is also noted for his developmental breakthroughs in maintaining the life of human cells for extended time periods.

Dr. Wentz made the observation one day that some multivitamins sold in stores do not contain the necessary dosages for maintaining the health of human cells. He realized this after his assistant brought back a bottle of multivitamins at his request and then reading the label with the dosages and ratios.

As a result of his observation and tapping his experience in cell biology, he proceeded to create vitamins that met the daily requirements for healthy cells. Many report that with his vitamins they feel much healthier and full of vitality thus making them believers in the power of antioxidants in this form.

You Cannot Go Wrong

If anyone has died or become extremely ill from taking too many vitamins, or vitamins at all for that matter, it certainly is not in the mainstream news. Usually, it is just the opposite where people have had serious health conditions to include death from not having the necessary levels of vitamins in their systems.

The point is you cannot go wrong by taking the recommended daily dosages of vitamins and minerals. They provide the necessary antioxidants to fight the effects of free radicals and the damage that they do to the cellular structures in your body. It is important to supplement the foods that you eat daily with a good vitamin supplemental regimen to keep your body in top health for as long as possible.

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