How to make dermal fillers last longer?

Dermal fillers allow you to make corrections to your skin, and to make changes in the relief of certain parts of your face – lips, nose. If you believe that the use of fillers will make you look young and beautiful without any further effort on your part, this is a mistaken belief. How to make dermal fillers last longer?

Lifestyle affects and facial treatment with fillers

First, there are fillers that are not eliminated from the body and are located in the same places. If a person gets better or thinner, facial features can change, resulting in places that have been filled with fillers to lose their appearance. So the first rule that people who have used synthetic fillers should remember is that they should not switch to a different weight class. And even better to use products, the main active ingredient of which is hyaluronic acid. This component is perceived by the body as a natural component, so it is periodically removed from the body as “used up”.

Different fillers of this type may have a different lifetime – the minimum is 3-4 months, the maximum is up to 1.5 years. But it can be extended. First, immediately after injection therapy can not do sports, so that with the sweat does not lose part of the injected drug. Over time, physical activity is possible, but large loads are undesirable. They lead to an acceleration of metabolism, which will also affect the rate of elimination of dermal fillers from the body. No massage and other similar procedures until the hyaluronic acid will not “grow” bound water molecules.

Secondly, the body must constantly get enough clean water. Thirdly, minimize the exposure of your skin to sunlight, as the exposure forces you to give up the moisture that you used the filler to retain. And don’t forget to tell your facial doctor about your lifestyle. For example, people who smoke suffer from dry skin. In order to observe a positive effect with hardware cosmetology procedures, you have to inject one and a half times as many products. To keep your skin fresher for longer after a rejuvenation session, give up cigarettes. Using hyaluronic acid injections and cream containing it, the effect of the procedure will last longer. 

Why does drinking sugar decrease the longevity of fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is essentially just sugar. Such compounds have to be produced by the body as needed. If too much sugar comes from outside, the body is no longer willing to produce the compound on its own. Therefore, as a result, hyaluronic acid is promptly removed, and no other components take its place. Conclusion: in order to prolong the life of fillers, you need to minimize the consumption of fast carbohydrates. 

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