What can you not do after facial fillers?

Those who are planning facial contouring should know how the procedure works, as well as what you can and can’t do in the first days after the injections. With the help of plastic surgery to remove the double chin, correct the shape of the face, cheekbones, and increase the lips. The doctor uses fillers in his work. It is important to find a professional doctor who guarantees flawless results and uses modern medications. In the first weeks after the procedure, the patient must follow a number of rules, so that the effect is preserved for a long time. What can you not do after facial fillers? In this article you will find some basic recommendations, if you will buy dermal fillers wholesale.

What is forbidden after facial contouring?

After the procedure is prohibited:

  • Alcohol consumption. The composition of fillers contains hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes the skin of the face. Alcohol, on the contrary, dehydrates it, thus neutralizing the effect of the fillers. In addition, alcoholic beverages dilate blood vessels, increase blood pressure and provoke bruises. Doctors recommend not drinking alcohol two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery.
  • Cleanse the skin with peels and scrubs. They dry and traumatize it. In the first days after the injection, no decorative cosmetics should be applied. Wash your face only with mild cleansers.
  • Sunbathe in the sun and visit tanning salons. At injection sites, sunlight actively produces melatonin, which leads to pigmentation.
  • Give a lot of physical activity. It is not recommended to visit baths, saunas during the first two weeks. The filler may dislodge and the face may change.
  • Sleep with your face on a pillow or on your side. Deformation of the injected product may occur. For the first 10 hours after the injection you should be in an upright position at all times. You can only sleep lying on your back.

What can I do after contouring?

Pain in the injection site may persist for 2-3 days. This period should only be waited out. To alleviate the situation, you can:

  • Apply pain relievers or healing creams.
  • Massage lightly with your fingers to spread the filler evenly.
  • Apply cold compresses for a short time, wrapping the cooled material in a towel beforehand. 

For contouring, go to a proven specialist who guarantees a long-lasting effect, uses safe products, and conducts the procedure in maximum sterile conditions. Doctors perform a variety of surgeries, including contouring. Before manipulation, the doctor will assess the condition of the patient’s skin and voice the possible risks. He will tell you about the rules which must be followed during the postoperative period. Proven anaesthetics and modern fillers are used. Each patient is guaranteed confidentiality and perfect results. 

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